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Bamboo Install Surrey

Bamboo Install Surrey

Bamboo is one of the hardest woods to install. for one it is very hard as so the installers tend to go through blades quite easily and the glues are very very hard to cut.

The second is that it is very volatile to relative humidity so a lot of inexperienced installers will not touch it as if not done in careful order it can rapidly shrink or swell depending on the relative humidity in the home.

This can lead to failures in the floors that often cant be fixed. Installing Bamboo in Surrey tends to have very regulated relative humidity but in areas like White rock or the north shore with high humidity generally and dry places like the interior we deter customers from using this product and in some cases with say no to the project.

There are also very limited suppliers in Bc that will even carry bamboo for this reason.

Contrary to popular belief bamboo is the farthest thing from eco friendly due to all the glues that hold it together and it is easily scratched.

in homes with no kids and dogs and with the proper climate control it is an amazing product and here is the result of a Bamboo job we just finish here in Surrey British Columbia.

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