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January 18, 2017 General Posts 0

Our guys put something pretty special together today is Surrey Bc Custom made tred by one of our local distributers for a stair that was originally designed for carpet. What we got was amazing. Another happy customer!!! contact us for your custom work and let us find an answer for you!

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Cutting down doors in Langley

January 17, 2017 General Posts 0

Some times when you remove an old floor in a home and re install the new one there is height differences in the products. This can change a lot of things. One of those things can be where your new transition meets the doors. Often the door and door opening is too tight after install […]

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Custom Log Cabin Abbotsford

January 16, 2017 General Posts 0

We just finished this amazing 60’s original log cabin that had incredible beam work. We haven’t seen one of these in some time and we really had to dig deep on some of the ideas when it comes to the finishings and detailing of this job. There was quite a lot of under cutting of […]

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