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C&L Flooring Products

At C&L Flooring we offer many floor covering options. We specifically try to offer high quality and eco-friendly products available in a variety of price-ranges, colors, textures, styles and finishes. We believe we can find the floor you have been dreaming of to complete your home or office in a healthy and beautiful way. We also supply custom stained nosings and millwork to complement and finish your custom floor.


At C&L Flooring we have access to high quality eco-friendly products manufactured in sustainable ways to not only treat the earth responsibly but to decrease unhealthy chemicals in our homes and workplaces. Eco-friendly flooring not only helps to protect our natural environment but it helps to provide safe indoor air quality making it a great choice for those with environmental sensitivities such as asthma or allergies. We also use a certified dustless HEPA vacuum while completing any necessary grinding to ensure a clean and dustless environment.

High quality and eco-friendly doesn’t always mean a higher price; contact us for more information and to view samples.